Thursday, November 6, 2008


Body sculpting and strength training are indeed powerful forms of exercise. A little challenge in between sets that you can add to boost your heart rate are jumping jacks or squat jumps. So instead of resting two minutes in between each exercise, bust out a set of 25- 50 of either exercise then rest 30 seconds to a minute and start over again. So now you are getting the muscle stimulation and cardio to burn fat which gives your heart a little love!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Training abs is not a deep mystery, it's actually a very simple muscle that can be trained anywhere. The key is to keep the movements continuous and on every movement have your navel pulled into the spine. So you can go from crunches, to leg lifts, to leg curls by doing each movement in a set of 25-50 reps. Depending on where your fitness levels are at you be the judge of how many reps to do in each set. I do recommend that you do at least four sets of each. The burn will be intense but the results will be even better. You do not need all of these fancy ab machines that are sold on TV or in the gym. We do not need to use weight resistance for ab development either, just rep them out! And of course ab results do work best with a proper balanced food intake as well. Stay posted ,lots of food tips coming soon.

One Love

Monday, October 27, 2008

Forget The Flu Shot, Juice!


Make sure that all of your juices are organic and fresh squeezed either by you, or at your local market. Anything store bought in a bottle or container[ except Beverly Juice Club] is pasteurized or flash pasteurized. Either way, when exposed to either of the two all vital nutrients and enzymes are destroyed instantly.

I love adding Ginger root, garlic, or cayenne pepper to any citrus or green juices. These are especially good to add during flu seasons, due to their heat. They help clean the blood and kill any infection through the body as believed in Chinese medicine.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Body and Mind Connection

I can not stress enough the importance of focusing the mind to body when weight training. For example, I encourage all my clients to first start with a light weight and make it a challenging movement.Obviously picking up a weight that would be heavy for you would create a significant challenge. So if a set of 20 pd dumbell curls would challenge you to a8-10 rep set, then i suggest you trying a 5pd dumbell set and proceed with the exercise. This will force you to focus on squeezing the muscle more instead of just exploding up with the weight. When you can achieve a muscle burn from such a light weight then you know you are getting in the groove of the mind , body connection. So then carrying over this focus to the heavier weight you will get even more results due to the high concentration of the muscle from just your connection to it.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

What to eat when traveling?

I get asked many times from clients,"What do I eat when traveling and how do I make the right choices?" Well just know that there is always a better option than fast food !! Now remember that if you have the option of eating organic always choose that first, but in lots of parts of the world that's not always available. You can always find green salads almost anywhere , just make a conscious choice on what dressing that you use. Keep it simple and use olive oil and apple cider vinegar and or lemon with a sea salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. If you are striving for greatness when it comes to a healthy vessel planning a head will always help the process tremendously. I do tend to eat lots of raw nuts and avocado's on the road as well so that the fat keeps me sustained , just be sure whether traveling or not, take food enzymes with every meal to help with digestion!!

one love

Monday, October 20, 2008