Thursday, October 23, 2008

What to eat when traveling?

I get asked many times from clients,"What do I eat when traveling and how do I make the right choices?" Well just know that there is always a better option than fast food !! Now remember that if you have the option of eating organic always choose that first, but in lots of parts of the world that's not always available. You can always find green salads almost anywhere , just make a conscious choice on what dressing that you use. Keep it simple and use olive oil and apple cider vinegar and or lemon with a sea salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. If you are striving for greatness when it comes to a healthy vessel planning a head will always help the process tremendously. I do tend to eat lots of raw nuts and avocado's on the road as well so that the fat keeps me sustained , just be sure whether traveling or not, take food enzymes with every meal to help with digestion!!

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Great job Frank! All your clients will learn a lot from this - I plan on checking it out every day!